Range & Pasture
We work with ranchers to target invasive threats and help native vegetation prosper. To be a positive force for the land, we must be a force with nature.
Two farmers wearing Stetson-style hats inspect a pasture while their horses stand nearby.
A man wearing a Stetson-style hat inspects pasture plants.

Maximizing your land’s potential

Invasive weeds and brush can choke out healthy grasses, limiting forage for livestock or harvestable hay. So we’re investing in innovative solutions to help you better care for the land.

A black cow looks into the distance from behind tall grasses.

Key challenges

  • Controlling invasive brush like huisache and mesquite
  • Stopping the cycle of cheatgrass and reducing wildfire risks
  • Managing summer and winter annual broadleaf weeds and grasses to increase hay quality
A farmer leans against a wooden fence post and smiles into the distance with a pasture and hills behind him.

What Envu delivers

  • Innovative solutions to help you better care for the land and the people who live, work and play there
  • Stronger ROI for your operation
  • Innovative chemistry that redefines brush control and restores rangeland
A man wearing a baseball cap walks along a wood and wire fence and looks out over a body of water.


  • Rejuvra® herbicide - Stops cheatgrass at the seed and returns land to its full potential.
  • Invora® herbicide - Long-lasting control of mesquite and huisache restores land with innovative chemistry.
  • Rezilon® herbicide - Delivers high-quality hay and keeps your customers coming back for the long haul.

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