Method® 240SL Herbicide Gives Conservation Land Managers a New Active Ingredient to Fight the War Against Invasive Species in Australia and New Zealand

New Method® 240SL herbicide was recently launched in New Zealand and brings conservation land managers a new active ingredient to fight the war against invasive species, such as wilding pines. It also provides effective control of broadleaf, woody and brush weeds and enables rangeland and grazing land restoration. Method 240SL herbicide controls two of the most problematic tree weed species in inland Australia — mesquite and prickly acacia — as well as radiata pine, which is widespread in New Zealand.

Method 240SL herbicide is labeled for use in non-crop and non-grazing areas managed as conservation and recreation land. Method 240SL herbicide offers flexibility with treatment options to manage weeds, giving land managers the opportunity to restore New Zealand’s iconic landscapes and ecosystems.

Method 240SL herbicide key benefits

  • New active ingredient that is highly efficacious for managing invasive woody and brush weeds including gorse and broom on conservation land.
  • Effective control of Pinus spp., one of the most problematic and widespread invasive genera in New Zealand.
  • Highly compatible with many herbicides, providing custom tank-mixing options.
  • A new tool for use in non-grazing and non-crop conservation and recreation land.
  • Next-generation stewardship strategy to ensure appropriate application.

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Always read the label before use.