Envu is partnering with growers to limit the weeds, insects and diseases that hinder growth. To be a force for beautiful environments, we must be a force with nature.
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Growing beauty from the ground up

Envu has a wide range of solutions to help keep your plants and flowers healthy, thriving and pest-free.

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Key challenges

  • Weather and managing diseases
  • Controlling pests and insects
  • Pathogen evolution and spread of resistance

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What Envu delivers

  • Innovative products and formulations to help you diagnose, treat and care
  • Dedicated research analyzing the challenges that growers like you face on a daily basis
  • Ornamental insight from our expert team of specialists
Woman moving planting beds in a greenhouse


  • Broadform® fungicide - Helps maximize foliar disease control on key pathogens including Botrytis, leaf spot and dieback diseases.
  • Marengo® herbicide - A selective, preemergence herbicide that works on broadleaf weeds, grasses and annual sedges, providing long-lasting control.
  • CoreTect® insecticide - Health-promoting properties make plants stronger, healthier and more resistant to environmental stress.

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