We partner with golf course superintendents to protect turf and enhance resilience. To be a force for the high standards golfers expect, we must be a force with nature.
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Keeping your turf on course

We have the solutions you need to keep your turf healthy and playable all year long. With industry-leading expertise, we can help you diagnose, treat and care for every aspect of your turf — above ground and below it.

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Key challenges

  • Soilborne pests begin infecting roots
  • Insects in golf turf
  • Warm-season weed control

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What Envu delivers

  • Innovative products and formulations to help you diagnose and treat problems
  • Industry-leading research for practical, real-world solutions
  • Envu experts with years of agronomic experience fully committed to helping you keep your turf in prime condition

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  • 26GT™ fungicide - A broad-spectrum fungicide that provides unsurpassed control of brown patch, dollar spot and various leaf spots.
  • Acclaim® Extra herbicide - Reliable postemergence control of crabgrass and goosegrass without harming cool-season turf.
  • Resilia™ root health solution - All-in-one fungicide and nematicide that protects your roots from destructive soilborne diseases.

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