Lawn & Landscape
We have a portfolio of solutions to keep outdoor spaces thriving and beautiful all year long. To be a force for beautiful, lasting lawns, we must be a force with nature.
A house with gray siding, a latticed porch, and a manicured lawn and garden.
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Laying the groundwork for healthy lawns

From industry-leading expertise to innovative products and formulations, we can help you diagnose, treat and care for every aspect of your lawn and landscape.

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Key challenges

  • Weather, disease and pest patterns
  • Insects in lawn turf
  • Pests, broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds

A close up view of a healthy lawn with manicured gardens and a bench.

What Envu delivers

  • Innovative products and formulations to help you diagnose and treat problems
  • Industry-leading research for practical, real-world solutions
  • Envu experts with years of agronomic experience fully committed to helping you keep your turf in prime condition

A stucco house with a manicured lawn and lush tropical plants.


  • Celsius® XTRA herbicide - A postemergence herbicide that builds on trusted broadleaf weed control and performance with the added benefit of sedge control.
  • Tribute® Total herbicide - The complete solution for controlling grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges.
  • Armada® 50 WDG fungicide - Broad-spectrum control for protection against the toughest diseases that affect both lawns and landscapes.

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