Envu Announces Its Share the Spark Wildfire Education Program

How Envu is partnering to spark wildfire prevention on U.S. rangelands

An aerial view of a forest impacted by wildfires.

Wildfires present a threat of terrifying speed and destructive intensity, on a vast — and growing — scale. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, in 2021, wildfires consumed 7.13 million acres across the U.S. alone. Several factors contribute to the increasing frequency and size of wildfires today, but one of the most critical to address is the dominance of invasive vegetation species.

Invasive species and wildfires fuel each other in a vicious cycle: loss of native species due to fire results in the invasive species returning to take their place. These areas of invasive grass and weeds are known to run rampant across millions of acres and will burn far more easily than native vegetation. Invasive species provide little or no value to foraging wildlife, produce large amounts of dry fuel, and spread across the land... well, like wildfire.

As nature evolves, Envu works to protect the environments we're all a part of. We remain committed to reducing and controlling the effect invasive vegetation species have across the land through forward-thinking solutions that enable us to target threats with precision. And with educational programs like Share the Spark, we’re able to come together as a community and work hard to prevent wildfires.

Through our Share the Spark Project, we invite county weed directors to be the spark that brings change and helps stop the spread of wildfires. And with our Rejuvra® herbicide, we’re eliminating invasive species like cheatgrass that are quick to catch fire and make wildfires even more devastating by burning hotter and faster.

Learn more about how together, we can spark a change for good by partnering for wildfire prevention at us.envu.com/share-the-spark.