Protect Your Customers’ Homes From Flies, Fleas and Ticks

A bed bug and a fly on top of a pink and purple gradient background.

Flies, fleas and ticks are all outdoor invaders, but they’re a little different in how and why they enter a home. Flea and tick issues often stem from wild animals. Pest management professionals can protect the perimeters of homes with preventative sprays and baits, but it is also important to educate consumers about the steps they can take to reduce risks.

These steps include:

  1. Maintain healthy landscapes by mowing the lawn below ankle height
  2. Remove clutter, including leaf piles
  3. Check household pets for ticks and fleas, and consult with a veterinarian about preventative measures

Flies are attracted to odors and are always a potential household invader. The first step is to make sure the house is clean and trash is regularly removed. If a customer is consistently experiencing fly issues, it is important to observe the perimeter and consider other surrounding properties. If a neighbor is keeping chickens or there is a processing plant within a few miles, that can impact the customer. If this is the situation, talk to the customer about this and why it is important to keep windows closed and apply preventative sprays outdoors.