The Burden of Malaria

At Envu, we are working to provide our partners with leading solutions that will prevent the bite today so communities can thrive tomorrow. Our teams are strongly focused on bringing perspective and innovations to help our partners to reduce malaria's burden. In collaboration with them, we develop economically and environmentally sustainable approaches that reduce the impact of mosquitoes on public health.

The challenge

Malaria is the world’s deadliest vector-borne disease. Transmitted through mosquito bites, it can cause fever, nausea, anemia and, ultimately, kidney failure, seizures and death.

Despite a steady decrease in the number of cases the past few years, the fight is far from over — especially in the WHO African region.

Our involvement in a future free of malaria

We focus on addressing the roots of the disease:

  • More than 60 years of expertise in vector control
  • A global team with more than 50 people, with a strong presence in Africa
  • A unique vector control portfolio that includes three different modes of action for resistance management
  • A first combination product for IRS: Fludora® Fusion

We partner with local communities and worldwide institutions:

  • Proactively promoting and supporting safe use of malaria vector control solutions 
  • Investmenting in the next generation of malaria scientists
  • Maintaining a strong partnership with IVCC in solutions development
  • Collaborating with national and international organizations, foundations and governments
  • Participating in numerous task forces

We develop solutions to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow:  

  • Four adulticide residual sprays recommended by the WHO
  • Investment into production capacity for vector control products in Africa to improve the supply within Africa
  • Ongoing investment into innovative solutions to address challenges facing malaria vector control
  • Continuous research engagement
  • Participation in vector control awareness campaigns, guidelines and resources

Discover our infographic on Malaria based on the WHO’s 2022 World Malaria report: Download the Burden of Malaria Infographic

An infographic about mosquitoes.