How a Fall Application Can Lead to Better Results and Long-Term Savings

Fall Applications Webinar

It pays to think proactively when it comes to vegetation management. A fall herbicide application helps interrupt the germination cycle, leading to better results and less mowing than only applying herbicides in the spring. To achieve lasting results and fight resistance, combine preemergence and postemergence products that are designed to work together.

Starting your weed control program in spring can feel like fighting an uphill battle. Once the problem is present, postemergence spraying and mowing can only keep invasive weeds at bay. To get ahead, you have to think ahead. That means considering an application as early as fall.

Give yourself a head start with better control, reduced risk and lower operational costs.

Watch six short, free video chapters of our fall weed management webinar to learn about:

  1. Getting Ahead of Germination
  2. Choosing the Right Tools for Your Area
  3. Stopping the Cycle of Weeds
  4. How Early Application Reduces Cost and Risk
  5. One Complete Solution
  6. Putting It All Together