Restoring Endangered Biomes to Create Healthy Environments

We’re proud to partner with the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact, which aims to restore 15 million hectares of one of the world’s most endangered biomes.

Two men wearing hard hats and sunglasses look out over a harvested forest.

About the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact:

The tropical Atlantic Forest once blanketed the eastern coast of Brazil but only 12% of the original forest remains. In 2009, the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact was formed with the goal of restoring more than 15 million hectares of Atlantic Forest by 2050. Today 350 members collaborate on restoration projects.

Envu Brazil is a committed partner bringing expertise and product innovation to improve the efficiency of natural forest restoration. In the last two years Envu has contributed directly to the restoration of 1,500 hectares.

Our Envu Brazill colleague Andre de Sousa e Silva leads this important partnership with the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact.

Here’s to using innovation and passion to create healthy environments for everyone, everywhere!